TBOGI-DB is a web delivery database service that enables our customers to browse and analyze data provided by their TBOGI and TBOGI-HD systems, with no internal IT costs. The TBOGI-DB service is provided by WID on its own dedicated servers located in a secure hosted environment. Users require only a web browser to immediately access their information from anywhere though intuitive web-based interfaces.

Use TBOGI-DB to:

  • Evaluate the health of bogies with TBOGI measurements and observe the evolution of exceptions over time.
  • Provide a comprehensive set of measurements that help in the first steps of root cause analysis and maintenance scheduling.
  • Determine the appropriate thresholds upon which exceptions are raised.

Users of TBOGI-DB obtain:

  • Access to processed train data within a few minutes of each train being captured.
  • Any-time access to reports for ad-hoc timeframes.
  • Web interface and downloadable (Excel) reports.
  • Visual representations of bogie history, bogie geometry and train data.
  • Different web interface access roles that can be managed within your organization.
  • Support on data analysis through email, phone and conference call.

TBOGI-DB Brochure